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Mad World Cover Mad World Cover

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Good cover

Like your flashes, this song is great. And billybobwhatsit, when he says "the dreams in which I'm dying are the best I've ever had", he is reffering to the fact that he was tired of living (For the sake of attentions,world weary, depressed, whatever motive), and in dreams where he is dead, or dying, he was getting what he wanted above all else. I don't know, sounds logical to me. There is bound to be millions of meanings from great songs.

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Here With Me (DEMO) Here With Me (DEMO)

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I dont see why there isnt more songs like this one

I dont know why. What I loved most out of this song is the fact i could understand all of it. The world needs more of this, and sadly, most people don't want songs that are understandable ;D

Raining Light Raining Light

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Lol first comment i hopes :D

I enjoyed this. It had this sort of intoxicating rythme to it. I dont know, i guess i enjoy techno alot :D

~Inspiration~ -hania ~Inspiration~ -hania

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This is just

Amazing. In lack of better words. The words you chose for this song were vivid and powerful. The song itself (Vocals, drums, ect) were very, very well blended. I just loved this. Checkin out your other work!